Workplace solutions for fatigue 
 management and alertness

Fatigue Management training & Apps to create a safer, happier, and more productive workplace.
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Our solutions

Fatigue Training

Cost-effective online course options
(including corporate versions)
or high-quality onsite delivery

Data Analytics

Generate insights from various safety,
financial, operational and external
data sources

Fatigue Analysis

Understand predicted fatigue
in planned and/or actual hours
of work

Fatigue Management Systems

Get expert support to design, review,
improve or audit your system

Sleep Fatigue Studies

Objective sleep recording
with optional analysis
of objective performance

Fatigue Risk Assessment

Obtain detailed insights from
an onsite workshop or
cost-effective desktop benchmarking

PeakAlert App

Train your peak performance
algorithm: using personal
sleep and caffeine data.

FatigueSafe App

A one-minute personal
risk assessment for fatigue
and fitness for work

Fatigue Technology & Automation

Design systems to respect strengths
of people in safety-critical roles while
also leveraging technology


Now available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. PeakAlert is a revolutionary App that uses an AI-powered algorithm licensed from the US Department of Defense. It tracks and predicts performance, sleep and other crucial personal factors.

The App uses your objective performance, sleep and other data to create a custom algorithm to support peak alertness whenever you need it. PeakAlert technology has been developed and validated by the US Department of Defense.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Adam Fletcher has been an invaluable contributor to the IPIECA/IOGP industry Fatigue Management workshops in Brazil, South Africa and Australia. In addition, the ISS team have generously provided insights and experience that significantly contributed to all of our current industry publications on Fatigue Risk Management."
    Artemis Kostareli
    Manager, Health - IOGP
  • "In partnership with Integrated Safety Support, Airservices have built the most globally advanced system for managing human fatigue risks in Air Traffic Control. Our data-driven approach constantly works to maintain and enhance safety, while protecting operational flexibility."
    Dr Claire Marrison
    Executive General Manager, Safety and Assurance - Airservices
  • "For more than ten years we have been working internationally with Adam and the rest of the ISS team. They have directly supported the development of Zurich’s fatigue risk profiling methods, which measurably improve safety, insurance costs and reputation for our customers."
    Grant Jensen
    Chief Risk Engineering Officer, Asia Pacific - Zurich
  • "We have improved all aspects of Fatigue Management through working closely with ISS. Based on their operational risk management & scientific advice, we have developed a holistic framework & clear procedures allowing us to safely deal with all of our requirements. Our people will be safer as a result."
    Mark Brownley
    General Management Field Services - SA Power Networks

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