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Practical training courses covering sleep, alertness and fatigue management

Globally recognised training courses for the modern workforce.

How it works

With the Eclipse Subscription Service you and your team will gain instant access to our growing suite of sleep, alertness and fatigue courses. Courses are made up of modules that contain learning checks and quizzes for users to complete. Personalised completion certificates will be provided upon successful completion of a course.

All of your Eclipse Subscription Service training courses

Fatigue Management

Applicable for all industries, our fatigue management courses includes both an entry-level 1-hour Fatigue Management  Awareness and a 3-hour Advanced Fatigue Management course. 
Fatigue Management AwarenessAdvanced Fatigue Management

Sleep, Health and Wellbeing

Our latest course has been developed for all workers and provides practical tools for in understanding what healthy sleep is, and how to minimise the impact of factors that will cause fatigue.
An Introduction to Sleep, Health, and WellbeingSleep, Health and Wellbeing

Aviation Fatigue Management

Tailored for workers in the aviation industry, courses include both an entry-level 1-hour Fatigue Management Awareness and a 3-hour Advanced Fatigue Management course.
Fatigue Management AwarenessAdvanced Fatigue Management

What our customers say about us

  • For more than ten years we have been working internationally with Adam and the rest of the ISS team. They have directly supported the development of Zurich’s fatigue risk profiling methods, which measurably improve safety, insurance costs and reputation for our customers.
    Grant Jensen
    Chief Risk Engineering Officer, Asia Pacific - Zurich
  • Adam Fletcher has been an invaluable contributor to the IPIECA/IOGP industry Fatigue Management workshops in Brazil, South Africa and Australia. In addition, the ISS team have generously provided insights and experience that significantly contributed to all of our current industry publications on Fatigue Risk Management.
    Artemis Kostareli
    Manager - Health, IOGP
  • In partnership with Integrated Safety Support, Airservices have built the most globally advanced system for managing human fatigue risks in Air Traffic Control. Our data-driven approach constantly works to maintain and enhance safety, while protecting operational flexibility.
    Dr Claire Marrison
    Executive GM - Safety & Assurance, Airservices

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