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Using this 1-hour awareness course, increase the knowledge and practical skills of your extended and 24-hour Aviation workforce with a focus on personal sleep, alertness and fatigue management. The course trains users by explaining what fatigue is, its causes as well as signs and symptoms, plus impacts on work performance. While this course is designed mainly for employees working in extended and 24-hour environments, it is also suitable for office, remote and work-from-home employees looking to increase their capacity to thrive in the modern workplace.

Critical aviation-related topics covered in this course are:

  • Risks of Fatigue
  • The Human Body Clock
  • The Window of Circadian Low (WOCL)
  • Task Demands (Workload)
  • Environmental Factors and Work Performance
  • Napping and Sleep Inertia

This course helps employees to recognise, evaluate and implement fatigue management techniques to help reduce and/or eliminate fatigue-related risks at work, during commuting and at home. The course is self-paced and has been developed to engage learning through interactive modules and activities. Participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning from the course by completing a short course quiz.

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