Written by Adrian Kinderis on August 10, 2021

Australian workplace performance and fatigue management company teams up with leading global helicopter operator to provide support beyond the cockpit.

  • Through Integrated Safety Support (ISS), global helicopter operator PHI International will deploy the Eclipse Subscription Service (Eclipse) to all its employees.
  • The Eclipse Subscription Service is a suite of digital resources related to sleep, occupational alertness, fatigue management and workforce productivity. The resources include several targeted training courses and smartphone apps to empower every individual.
  • While safety has always been at the forefront of PHI International’s flying operations, the Eclipse Subscription Service will be offered to every employee because the stresses of the pandemic on sleep and performance can impact every role in the business.
  • For those working from home such as during lockdowns, there are specific resources that assist employees to learn the new life skills required to set healthy boundaries and thrive inside any work/life situation.

Melbourne, Australia: August 10th, 2021.

Integrated Safety Support (ISS) is a company based in Melbourne, Australia, that specialises in the development and deployment of digital resources to support healthy sleep, practical fatigue management, and sustainable safety. Today, ISS announced a partnership with global helicopter operator, PHI International.

The partnership ensures that all staff, not just those in frontline roles including pilots, have access to the Eclipse Subscription Service (Eclipse). Eclipse is a cost-effective suite of resources related to sleep, occupational alertness, fatigue management and workforce productivity. Eclipse includes resources such as online training courses and smartphone apps that are available for everyone working in and around aircraft, in office-based roles, work-from-home roles, and anyone remote, as well as all executives.

ISS founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Adam Fletcher, said “We are delighted that PHI International have embraced the Eclipse solutions as an integral initiative for the safety and wellbeing of their team. The management at PHI International were very quick to identify the benefits of providing access across the organisation and we were impressed by the speed at which they moved to have it integrated into the business”.

PHI International Safety and Quality Director, Rob Cavers, said: “Fatigue is a risk in any job. While it is only a regulatory requirement for pilots to receive fatigue-related training, we believe the human element and science around it can help all our employees to stay healthy and safe”.

“The ongoing pandemic is causing many of us to feel more physically and emotionally tired, so it’s important we support the mental, social, and physiological wellbeing of our people. Having already rolled out the training beyond our pilots to our engineers, we are now expanding it further to the rest of our people and encouraging them to embrace the safest behaviours and practices.”

Founded by Dr Adam Fletcher following his work as a Research Psychologist for the US Army in Washington, D.C., ISS is globally recognised as a pioneer in Occupational Alertness and Fatigue Management, providing engaging online training programs and smartphone apps designed to empower distributed teams, anywhere and anytime.

ISS has developed the courses on the back of scientific research and over 15 years of operations across traditional fatigue-sensitive industries has recently introduced modules that specifically focus on health and well-being. “The pandemic has forced a transformation of the workplace and how we manage our work and social lives” continued Dr Adam Fletcher. “Where once I focussed my energy supporting safety-critical industries face-to-face, I am now acutely aware of the need to support all employees in every work environment as they manage stress, sleep, communication, fatigue and performance.

This latest subscription licence signing comes on the back of several key customer acquisitions across multiple industries, Dr Fletcher said. “Clearly aviation understands fatigue and they are always quick to action any innovation that can help their people operate safer and perform better. The key to our continued success, however, is educating non-fatigue sensitive industries, like corporate Australia who are right now being plunged into a fatigue crisis with a decentralised workforce and compounded stresses of working from home. These tools can be deployed quickly and have an immediate impact”.

The cost-effective Eclipse Subscription Service product offering includes all courses in the Integrated Safety Support portfolio, plus two updated smartphone apps, PeakAlert and FatigueSafe. For more information, visit https://integratedsafety.com.au/ or email info@integratedsafety.com.au.

About Integrated Safety Support

Founded by ex-US military sleep researcher Dr Adam Fletcher, Integrated Safety Support (ISS) is a globally recognised pioneer in Occupational Alertness and Fatigue Management.

For over 15 years' ISS has not only been Australia’s leading specialist in workplace fatigue and healthy sleep training, but it also continues to successfully help global businesses to build higher-performing people.

ISS translates the latest academic research into practical education solutions and technology to enhance worker safety, performance, and wellbeing.

With the development of the Eclipse Subscription Service (Eclipse), ISS uses their online training resources and smartphone apps to help all staff within an organisation, and not just those in the frontline safety-critical and high-performing roles such as soldiers, airline pilots, banking executives, CEOs.

Blog post written by Adrian Kinderis

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