Written by Isabelle on April 29, 2021

5 unexpected ways that fatigue could be costing your business

Did you know that the total cost of inadequate sleep in Australia was estimated to be $66.3 billion in 2016-17? This is about $8,968 per person affected in both financial and wellbeing costs.

We all know that fatigued employees can present serious safety risks to themselves, to fellow employees and to customers, we know that the financial costs incurred from fatigue-induced workplace accidents can be huge – but we don’t talk enough about all the other costs associated with workplace fatigue.

We’ve broke down some of the many flow-on costs of having a fatigued workforce below, but it’s important to remember that none exist in isolation. A fatigued employee is one that is not only less safe, but is also less reliable, less innovative, less productive, less creative, less easy to work with and less happy.

We want people to be safe, but we also want to empower employees to do their best work. We created the Eclipse Subscription Service to holistically address this issue. It’s a cost-effective solution that can deliver a measurable impact to the bottom line for businesses – lowering absenteeism, increasing staff retention and positively impacting productivity.

1. Staffing capacity changes

When employees are feeling exhausted or burned out, you are likely to experience more unexpected and unexplained absences from work. This can impact your organisation in a number of ways:

  • You could be understaffed
  • You could be increasing the stress levels and workload of employees that do show up
  • You could feel rushed to find a replacement, even if they are unqualified to do the job and will slow down turnaround or compromise quality.

2. Employee turnover

Workplace fatigue may lead to more significant employee absences in the form of termination or resignation. In addition to the side effects noted above, you also have to invest time, money, and resources into the recruitment process.

3. The cost of a toxic workplace

As people deal with fatigue, they tend to become more irritable and less empathetic. Without the ability to remain calm, patient, and understanding of what’s happening all around – not just with co-workers, but with customers too – you may find your workplace corrupted by fatigue-induced toxicity.

4. Drops in innovation

Workplace fatigue can also take its toll on your team’s ability to be innovative. When problem-solving, creativity, or ingenuity factor heavily into your employees’ job descriptions, you can’t afford to have something like fatigue and sleeplessness compromise that.

4. Customers losing faith

You also have to worry about how much of this workplace fatigue spills over into the customer-facing side of your business. Even if they are not directly exposed to employee absences, turmoil within your ranks, or rampant mistakes – customers will sense that something is up.

Blog post written by Isabelle

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