August 10, 2021
Australian workplace performance and fatigue management company teams up with leading global helicopter operator to provide support beyond the cockpit.
ISS and PHI International have teamed up to provide support to all PHI International employees.
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July 1, 2021
Are you sabotaging your sleep?
How caffeine and alcohol could be affecting your sleep.
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June 17, 2021
Why the 'new normal' isn't working for young people
Working from home can be particularly difficult for younger workers, who often don’t have a dedicated workspace.
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June 3, 2021
Our new research into hybrid work and fatigue – 55% of flexible workers find it hard to disconnect
Flexi-fatigue: exhausted workers can’t switch on at the office or switch off at home, our study of 1,000 Australian white-collar workers finds.
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May 20, 2021
National Road Safety Week 2021
This year, during National Road Safety Week 2021, we want to focus on the dangers of drowsy driving.
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April 29, 2021
5 unexpected ways that fatigue could be costing your business
We all know that fatigued employees can present serious safety risks – but we don’t talk enough about all the other costs associated with workplace fatigue.
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March 25, 2021
Celebrating 15 years and introducing the Eclipse Subscription Service
We think the industry is ready for a little positive disruption… and that’s why we’re so excited to formally announce our new, all-inclusive suite of training courses and apps.
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February 9, 2021
5 takeaways from a new study on the future of work
COVID-19 and the resulting disruptions to the way we work has brought questions around the ‘future of work’ to the forefront.
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January 28, 2021
Going beyond minimum compliance
Staff fatigue at Caledonian Sleeper highlighted the need to go beyond minimum compliance to manage operational risks.
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